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Arborvale Books Members Brief, September 2022


Therapist: “What do we say when we wish to express our feelings to the person we love, Mr. Darcy?”

Mr. Darcy: “I like you against my better judgment.”

Therapist: “No.”

How the Pseudonym Lincoln Tuvelais was Born

Lincoln is actually a legit on-the-birth-certificate middle name. Sadly, Lincoln is the only thing distinctive about her name. She has several perfectly serviceable names, but they are all so common that she has many competitors. Her first and last name for instance, is already taken five times. Yep, five other women are already publishing under her name. {Sigh} It’s a marketing disaster to be Ms. Boringly Common, the Sixth!

Well, her middle name is fairly distinctive. Let’s work with that. After jiggering around first and last and middle names in as many combinations as possible. Lincoln was still hip-deep in other writers with identical names. In exasperation, she logged on to Google translate, translated “into the future” to Finnish and then subtracted letters until it was vaguely pronounceable.

Job done. Nobody’s got Lincoln Tuvelais!


Except that nobody knows how to pronounce it. So here you go:

“Two-Vuh-Laze” it rhymes with Rabelais.

What is a Beta Reader?

A beta reader is someone who reads an unedited book manuscript with an eye towards providing feedback for the author. Though beta readers are not editors or professional critics, they play an important role in helping the author improve the work by pointing out errors, plot holes, dull or unlikeable characters, inconsistencies, or unclear passages.

A betas should regularly read and enjoy books similar to the one they are reviewing — familiarity with the book’s genre will help them point out played-out tropes and clichés, or key elements missing from your story

Readers with a better understanding of the novel’s subject matter can also excellent beta readers. Authors might consult people who have worked in a profession featured in your book (e.g. finding a detective to beta read your police procedural novel or a doctor to fact-check a character’s symptoms) or a sensitivity reader to ensure that any depictions of marginalized groups or cultures are accurate and sensitively portrayed.

Being a Beta Reader is a great way to score interesting new free books, and for the aspiring novelist, see ‘behind the scenes’ of how a novel is developed for publication.

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