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Dauntless Hearts awarded
Readers Favorite Silver Medal 

Cumberland, 1812. Kitty Otis lost her mother to pneumonia on the verge of her seventeenth birthday. Her father did not take his wife’s passing well and was disabled by apoplexy only six months later. Kitty becomes her father’s caretaker and shoulders all the responsibilities of adulthood. Whilst her dreams of a London come-out fade, Kitty sets out to rebuild her life.

We follow Kitty’s adventures and that of her best friend, Marianne, as they navigate the perilous path to adulthood. As Kitty attempts to strike a delicate balance between society’s dictates, the wishes of her beloved family, and her own heart’s desire, only one thing is certain; when all is said and done, someone’s heart will be broken. Kitty can only hope that it’s not hers.

Reader's Reviews

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Lincoln Tuvelais writes beautifully... Dauntless Hearts is certainly on a par with the Bronte books and I would highly recommend it.
Bernadette Diane Anderson for Readers' Favorite Awards
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