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Dauntless Hearts awarded Readers Favorite Silver Medal 

Can Kitty Otis find her own path in a society that’s determined to control her future?

Reader's Reviews

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Lincoln Tuvelais writes beautifully about life in the 1800s and helps you understand the etiquette of the period. All the difficulties faced by members of society living at that time are brought to life and our feelings of happiness, sadness, annoyance, and joy are entertained, making Dauntless Hearts an excellent read for all lovers of this genre and an ideal place to start your introduction to it. Describing the characters with all their good points, along with their flaws, helps you get a good feel for how they interacted with each other and how life played out at that time. Their hopes and dreams and the expectations of those around them give you a flavor of the period. Wonderful scenes are described and the routines of life are very much a focal point throughout this enjoyable book. Dauntless Hearts is certainly on a par with the Bronte books and I would highly recommend it.
Bernadette Diane Anderson for Readers' Favorite Awards

L.G. Conaway

L.G. created a fascinating world for a fast-paced adventure story. Her main character, Li, proudly claims “third generation native” of her colony planet, New Philadelphia, until she crash-lands in the wilderness and discovers she may have overstated her case...
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