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A detailed guide to eating well while simultaneously slashing your food budget. 

You will learn: 

  • How to get better food, 

  • How to get free food conveniently and 100% legally, 

  • How to reduce food costs with dirt cheap gardening, 

  • How to save money and your health by cooking from scratch in less time than it takes to assemble expensive manufactured foods, 

  • How to menu plan to maximize your savings and minimize waste, 

  • How supermarkets trick you into spending money, and Ninja-level food shopping hacks to thwart their tricks, 

  • How to stop wasting food by extending the life of fresh produce and using a wide range of long-term storage techniques. 

Each section of Frugal Food suggests books and links for detailed information. An invaluable comprehensive resource, Frugal Food will help you feed your family better food for less money than you ever thought possible.


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